A Dancing With the Stars Tribute - Commission for Artem

Dancing with the Stars Pro, Artem Chigvinstev approached me wanting a huge piece to fill a section in his apartment, with the only requirement be that it was dancing related. I imagined graceful figures dancing across the painting and had the idea of doing three separate pieces to make the imagination fill in the empty spaces in between. 

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The Lost and Stranded Decomposed - The Concept, Inspiration, and Process

This article was recently featured on HausOvTilhen.com.

The Lost and Stranded  is a metaphorical representation of our childhood dreams, desires, and naïveté embodied as kites becoming stranded and lost among a tangle. Each kite represents a childhood dream which have been let go at some point. The overall visual result is a massive amalgamation, organically taking its own form in the same way in which the very tree branches it is caught in has grown. What comes through is the sense of a loss of innocence, the state of in between things, in which an idea has began but never ended, in which a dream has sprung but never achieved - beautiful yet tragic. 

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