From Purses to Paintings


Many people might not know this about me, butI first started painting on apparel because I had always loved fashion and found this as a way for me to customize my own style. When I was in high school, I created custom hand painted shirts on commission and found it as a fulfilling way to make side money. Above is a recent work I created for my best friend as a Christmas present. She has always been a huge Tigger fan and I finally got through to creating a witty and fun bag with Tigger staring out with a surprised expression, and his long tail hanging out from the other side of the bag. 

When I attended UCLA, I had several requests for more hand painted projects, but sadly I did not document the others. This particular one below was commissioned by Toni, who's nickname was Skywalker, and he wanted shoes that reflected his description, so I gave him a greek god face that seemed to be etched from the clouds. 

For Materials, I used textile acrylic paint and put on a coat of varnish to preserve the color and longevity. 

Recently, I have been contacted by a luxury boutique leather handbag company EYEThread to collaborate on painting on their leather hand bags. I'm very excited to work on this project because of their emphasis to help the community by emphasizing ethical practices in choosing their leather and supporting local artists, with their ultimate mission being to turn their bags into unique art pieces that can potentially be placed into galleries in the future. 

I will keep you guys updated! 

xx Ann

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