The Feast of Fools

The Feast of Fools


Oil stick, Collage, Yarn, and Acrylic on Paper //

7' X 5' //

2015 //

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In this piece, which is the first in The American Dream series along with "The Heart of the American Dream", a large hamburger bun formed by stripes from the American flag dragging into abstraction encapsulate a large conglomeration of cut outs of luxury items such as watches, perfumes, jewelry, and suggestive shapes of tomato, lettuce, bacon, bell peppers, jalapeños, and cheese.  Through that depiction of luxury items mixed with pieces of an overloaded hamburger, and the effect of sensory overload by the scale of this piece itself, the mood of overabundance is expressed.  The rather intact depiction of the American flag and the Olympic symbol in the upper half of the piece slowly deteriorate into painted red and white stripes, the gradual abstraction of food items from the upper portion and into the bottom of the piece, and the red yarn gradually unwinding serves as a metaphor for the deterioration of the higher ideals of America due as an affect of the greediness and gluttony of consumption within contemporary American society.

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