The Heart of the American Dream

The Heart of the American Dream


 Oil Stick, Collage, and Acrylic on Archival Paper //

 7' X 5' //

 2015 //

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In this piece, which is the second in The American Dream series along with "The Feast of Fools", This piece depicts an abstract illustration of large clocks slowly morphing into one large clog in the artery surrounding a giant human heart shaped money bag. Money flows from the middle broken clock and swirl around the heart, causing more visual chaos. The iconic American depictions of the woman crying taken from Lichtenstein’s pieces are drawn together and flow down the metaphorical slide of the money bag, along with the iconic American figure of the fat Pillsbury doughboy holding a dollar sign.  Inspired by a famous quote by the Dalai Lama about the endless pursuit of wealth due to the misrepresentation of money as happiness, the American dream turns into a vicious and disappointing cycle where lives are spent in pursuit of chasing material items, which not only lead to disappointment but to an eventual clogging of a deteriorated heart caused by an overconsumption of wealth.

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